Learn to fly

Flight Training & Flying Lessons

Our mission is to help you achieve the dream of flight by teaching you to fly safely. We commit to making the experience fun and enjoyable along the way. We will adhere to our core values of integrity, safety and excellence as we help you achieve your dream of flying.

When you learn to fly or add to your flying skills with additional ratings, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires you to meet standards of performance and have the knowledge to fly safely.


Not everyone learns the same way and at the same pace. Depending on the time you have to invest weekly in acquiring the knowledge and skills to become a safe pilot, we adapt training to meet you where you are. We utilize a combination of instructor-student teaching and computer-based training programs so you can learn at your own pace.

In the end, you will reach the same standard everyone reaches who has gone before you with each skill and rating you add.

In addition to meeting the standards required by the FAA, we are committed to giving you additional knowledge and skills to help you become more efficient in flying.